$800 Mountain Bike Seat Post Cut In Half

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For those unfamiliar with the sport of mountain biking, this is a wild hobby full of hacks. It started in the early ’70s when the first dedicated mountain bikers hacked road bikes together for trail riding to varying degrees of success, but it’s only in the last decade or so that there’s been so much electronics popping up in different parts of the bike that we can all play around with. also. This video discusses some of the drawbacks with the very expensive electronic seat posts on mountain bikes, and try to solve the flaw by cutting it in half.

This building involves a dropper seat post, which is aadjustable seat for mountain biking which functions like an office chair. With the push of a button on the handlebars, the seat post can be quickly adjusted up or down quickly. Usually these chair posts use wires to move them, but this expensive version is wireless. The only problem is that the battery sometimes flies when making big jumps, so [Berm Peak Express] decided to bypass the existing proprietary battery system and build a new home for it. The new housing has cable extensions for the battery in its new location under the seat, not behind it, and this gives the manufacturer the clearance it should have.

While not the most involved project of all time, it takes a certain mentality to get a hacksaw into a part of a bike that costs more than most bikes. It’s a definite specialty product, but it also shows that some of the biggest annoyances with proprietary parts aren’t that hard to deal with. And, it’s interesting to see how some people hack bikes beyond the purportedly clever ebike conversions.

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