Before & After: Backyard Porch Ideas for Outdoor Living

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Challenge: Porch Design

Customers want online patio designs that are comfortable yet practical. Fortunately, the client also had a clear backyard porch idea in mind. However, even if the client is clear about their needs, every project still has its challenges. For this project in particular, the following difficulties need to be resolved:

  • Add a screened fence around the porch
  • Use a neutral color scheme
  • Include a practical console table
  • Make sure the layout is comfortable, yet functional
  • Provide adequate seating

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Small Back Porch Designs & Ideas

Back porch ideas and inspiration

Customers provide inspirational images of their favorite small porch ideas. This showcases light and summer outdoor furniture ideas and decorations. Overall, they chose a backyard porch concept that is perfect for morning coffee and hosting a casual roast night. In addition, wood features in the furniture, along with cream-colored upholstery to give it a modern, organic feel.

Moodboard & Porch Design

Small porch decorating ideas - Liana S

Decorilla’s online process is smooth. Once customers complete a quick quiz, they dial into a virtual consultation with Decorilla. With the client’s vision, the team can help define two designers to create the perfect concept. Although it is difficult to choose between the two, customers choose it Liana’s shape.

Moodboard with small porch decorating ideas

Liana Concept ticks off everything on a customer’s wish list. He suggested a combination of contemporary furniture for the backyard design. Furthermore, he included a screen around the terrace in his layout. As for the decoration, Liana chose minimal touches, such as scattered cushions and greenery. A unique aspect of this small porch decorating idea is outdoor string lighting, which envelops the space in a warm atmosphere.

Porch Design Results

Small porch decorating ideas - Liana S

Designer backyard porch ideas enhance the client’s outdoor space. These include screened deck designs, console tables, spacious seating and comfortable patios. Overall, there is a neutral color palette with organic ingredients. As a result, there is a sense of calm and serenity about this outdoor space. That’s not forgetting the greenery in the planter that creates a feeling of natural and abundant outdoor living.

Nothing stands in your way on this backyard porch. The flow is natural and effective, allowing the eye to roam freely. Additionally, it allows one to take in a cohesive aesthetic and coordinated layout. This arrangement is further enhanced by a clever lighting scheme. For example, string lights add ambiance and charm to this intimate porch.

Clever Small Porch Ideas

Back porch design by Liana S

A small foyer is a cozy yet open space. Since the patio fits neatly off one of the home’s bedrooms, the layout feels controlled and secure. In addition, the deck sits inside a stylish fence. This increases the comfort of the patio and is suitable for customers because they have small children. Likewise, the seat upholstery ensures easy maintenance in the event of dirt or pet dander.

The organic wood texture of the furniture and plants mimic the feeling of an outdoor space. Chairs and tables are compact in their color coding and materials. Additionally, it is highlighted by a round granite side table, plants, and an anchored rug. Coffee tables, pedestals and console tables allow plenty of surfaces for activity. This can range from enjoying a meal to playing a board game.

Small Porch Decorating Ideas

Decorating a small porch - Liana S

The decoration of the porch design is consistent and uniform. To anchor the seating area, a cream rug has been placed under the outdoor sofa and accent chairs. In addition, the coffee table is located in the middle. A terrace sofa bed has been placed in the corner, adding space to relax. Lanterns, greenery and copper vases are included for interest. Finally, string lights set the tone for this cozy space.

Brown and cream colors are coordinated in the decoration, creating a feeling of harmony. Accents appear through greenery, brass accents and granite stone side tables. Additionally, throw pillows feature geometric patterns, adding depth and dimension. The use of different planters and greenery is also visually appealing.

Online Shopping List for Backyard Porch Ideas

Shopping list of backyard porch ideas by Decorilla

In addition to expert design, each Decorilla project comes with a detailed shopping list. Plus, exclusive trade discounts are included! With these handy tools and photorealistic 3D renderings, customers can easily recreate themselves idea at home. They can also visualize its appearance before making a final decision. Finally, a white glove concierge service will handle all orders and deliveries. So you receive your order easily and on time!

Our Top Picks for Small Porch Ideas

An attractive outdoor area starts with a great backyard porch idea. It’s amazing what a few simple tweaks can do! If you enjoy the look of this project, why not recreate it in your own space? We’ve rounded up our top picks for outdoor paradise below.

Top picks for small porch design decorating ideas

  1. Patterned Pillows
  2. Outdoor Sofa
  3. String Lights
  4. Side table
  5. Outdoor Rugs
  6. Wooden Lantern

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