Before & After: Scandinavian Minimalist Kitchen Design

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Minimalist Scandinavian kitchen design Minimalist Scandinavian kitchen design

When it comes to minimalist Scandinavian kitchen design, a few important things can determine the success of the design. There is simplicity above all else, exceptional functionality, and of course, refined style. Our client recently wanted to implement such a feature set into his new lake house, and we delivered. Read on to see how this sleek and stylish kitchen came to life!

Challenge: Scandinavian Minimalist Kitchen

The client was building a simple yet stunning Scandinavian-style lake house and wanted an equally charming interior. The house consists of an open concept living room with a kitchen on the back wall. To make a newly built house a home, the designer needs to:

  • Focus on functionality above all else
  • Arrange a modern and minimalist interior design that still feels warm
  • Scandinavian minimalist kitchen design that emphasizes the Danish “Hygge” concept
  • Get minimalist furniture and accessories with clean lines

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Scandinavian Minimalist Kitchen Inspiration

Minimalist Scandinavian kitchen design inspiration board

To give the designer a sense of his style and vision, the client provides a set of inspirational images. Among the kitchen design samples are bright and open rooms that feature clean lines and minimal decorations. A touch of nature also appears in the accents of wood, stone and greenery. Therefore, it turns out that the customer’s heart is focused on the minimalist Scandinavian kitchen.

Kitchen Design & Mood Boards Online

Minimalist Scandinavian kitchen design by Decorilla

With clear design direction provided by the client, it’s easy to find skilled designers who excel in Scandi style. In the end, it is the talent of Decorilla designers, Wanda P. who really talk to the customer.

To continue the interior design process online, Wanda reviews the client’s must-have list and wishes to further define the details of the project. From there, he was able to present the initial design ideas in a mood board.

Minimalist Scandinavian kitchen design mood board by Decorilla

The sophisticated simplicity of the arrangement certainly checks all the boxes. Scandinavian minimalist decor and Wanda’s kitchen design features muted gray cabinetry, lots of wood accents and sleek white counter tops. The style not only meets what the customer is looking for, but also matches seamlessly with the rest of the open living room.

Scandinavian Minimalist Kitchen Design Results

Scandinavian minimalist kitchen by Decorilla

Nothing stands in your way, in this Scandinavian minimalist kitchen. Traffic flow is natural and efficient. At the same time, the eye can roam freely, enjoying the cohesive Nordic aesthetic and the harmony of the arrangement. The white color flows from the table top to the counter chairs and pendant lights, separating them visually from the soft gray cabinet fronts. Meanwhile, solid ash wood on the front of the island, stool legs and floating shelves connect the kitchen elements with the dining set.

Minimalist Scandinavian kitchen by Decorilla

One of the interesting aspects of this minimalist Scandinavian kitchen design is the lack of upper cabinets. That’s a strategic decision that adds visual depth to the shape and convey the illusion of more space. The effect is further enhanced by a clever lighting scheme. Opting for some floating shelves instead of upper cabinets adds storage space without making the room feel cramped.

Scandinavian minimalist kitchen by Decorilla

Abundant natural wood textures ensure this light and airy space doesn’t feel too cold. In addition, playing with shapes gives more visual depth. This is especially evident in his choice of dining table and sculptural base. The X-shaped pedestal plays with the eye, attracting a lot of attention without overpowering the chair and other elements.

Minimalist Scandinavian kitchen design by Decorilla

Which is enough kitchen The island presents many surfaces for all activities, from cooking, chatting with company and enjoying a meal. At the same time, a lot of storage is hidden underneath. A wall recess next to the fridge provides more space for storing glassware, drinks and more. Meanwhile, its sliding doors maintain the sleek, minimalist appeal of Scandinavian kitchens.

Online Kitchen Design Shopping List

Online Kitchen design shopping list by Decorilla

In addition to expert design, each package also comes with a photorealistic 3D rendering of your new space. This way, you can get a good idea of ​​how it looks and functions before making any final decisions. But that’s not all. Curated shopping lists come with significant trade discounts that often exceed the cost of the initial design. And finally, a white-glove concierge service will take care of orders and deliveries, ensuring you receive everything easily and on time.

The Top Choices of Scandinavian Minimalist Kitchens

It’s amazing what a few simple changes can do! With just a few furniture and decoration changes, you can certainly create your own Scandinavian minimalist kitchen and dining room. So check out some of our favorite pieces inspired by this design:

Scandinavian minimalist kitchen, the top online design selection by Decorilla

  1. Hand Woven Carpets
  2. Tulip Dining Chair
  3. Pine Branch Vase
  4. Pendant Lights
  5. Graphic Arts
  6. Oval Dining Table
  7. Sliding Ceramic Vase

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