Elegant Ethernet Library For Your Next RP2040 Project

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A few days ago we covered a project that brought Ethernet connectivity to the Raspberry Pi Pico using little more than a few twisted pairs and RJ-45 connectors. It’s a neat trick, but not quite ready for widespread adoption. Looking to fix things up a bit, [tvlad1234] have taken that project’s code and rewritten it to a friendly library that you can use with any RP2040 board.

In case you missed it, the early demo performs 10BASE-T transmission with bit-banging with PIO, and can send UDP messages to devices on a wired LAN. That’s an impressive achievement, but the code doesn’t make it easy to build your project around it. This new library makes sending UDP messages as easy printf, offloads all PIO unmanaged Ethernet signal jobs to the RP2040 second CPU core. The library even generates a random MAC address from the serial number of your flash chip!

As a demonstration of the new library, [tvlad1234] have collected the simple Ethernet-connected temperature monitor using a BMP085 or BMP180 sensor connected via I2C. If you think you can use an Ethernet-only transmit sensor in your life, tracing the source code would be a good start.

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