This Wild Bentley Apartment Building Has Elevator For You And Your Car

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The building will measure 749 feet, and a total of four lifts will be able to carry vehicles all the way to the top floor, according to Bentley. Drivers can remain seated in their cars during this process, which involves what automakers call a robotic shuttle system with hydraulics. Where does the elevator take the car? Straight from the ground floor to the self-driving apartment, Bentley explains, stating that each apartment unit has its own garage that can accommodate three or four vehicles.

The aforementioned technological features planned for the housing complex include automatic scanning of residents’ cars when they enter the building, something that will be enabled by the RFID stickers that every driver will get for their vehicles. The scanning system is intended to activate an “advanced lighting system,” Bentley said in a press release, which will be designed to help guide drivers to a dedicated elevator that goes to a specific floor of their building.

While Bentley is already showing off a gallery for sale of one of its finished apartment units so potential buyers can see what they want, Bentley is also leveraging the Unreal Engine to create a VR replica for those who prefer to tour using a headset. tied to their faces. It looks like each apartment unit will be quite large, as the sample sales gallery measures 6,000 square feet. How much does a luxury item like this cost? Bentley said the apartments will be priced starting at $4.2 million, though it’s unclear where the top end of the price spectrum lies.

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