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Living room by one of Maine's best interior designers - Tyler Karo

Interior Design in Portland, Maine

A living room by one of Portland Maine's leading interior design firms - Caity H

Maine interior designers showcase their style influences to reflect the area’s rich history. They understand the importance of maintaining a traditional New England style. At the same time, each creative also brings contemporary elements and techniques to form unique ideas and designs.

Tip: It’s important to find a Maine interior designer that fits your individual style. Taking an interior design style quiz can define your style and help find the right designer for you!

Maine’s Best Interior Designers

Living room-by-an-interior-designer-near-me-Sharene-M

Whether it’s through bold colors or natural designs, this Portland, Maine, interior design firm knows how to bring out the beauty of a space. As a result, it is not uncommon very amazing room, be careful processed into something meaningful.

Tyler Karu

Tyler Karu, Maine interior designer

Through design, Tyler Karu celebrating the intimate relationship between humans and their environment. For this reason, he be careful selecting a diverse team of experts to bring a unique perspective to each project. Their versatility and expertise ensure innovative solutions for any architectural style or challenge. Tyler creates dynamic homes by combining his passion for design with decades of construction experience. Moreover, it is adapted to the needs of the customer while respecting the surrounding environment.

Bedroom by one of Portland Maine's top interior design firms - Tyler Karu

WHAT WE LOVE: Tyler’s creative yet thoughtful approach to transformative spaces.

Decorilla Portland Maine Interior Designer & Decorator

One of the best Portland Maine interior design firms near me

For the ultimate project finish, Decorilla’s top Maine interior designers have you covered. These talented experts hold the experience and creativity needed to subtly bring your vision to life. With various services, you can easily find tiers and packages tailored to your specific tastes and needs.

Bedroom by one of Maine's best interior designers, Courtney B

Decorilla provides easy access to top local interior designers, either in person or online, from the comfort of your home. They specialize in individual designs that suit each client’s lifestyle and style. What’s more, each package features photo-realistic 3D images to give a sense of the room before deciding to proceed with the final design.. And there’s more! Custom shopping lists allow customers to take advantage of trade discounts on furniture and decor. The process is streamlined even further with a white glove concierge service that takes care of orders and deliveries.


WHAT WE LIKE: Decorilla’s versatile and highly functional approach delivers the best results every time. It is also the most accessible Portland Maine interior design firm nearby. In fact, you can start the project right away!

Brett Johnson

Interior design in Portland Maine - Brett Johnson

Descended from 17 generations in Maine, Brett Johnson have an innate understanding of the internal impact on our local lives. From an interior design in Portland, Maine, and a decor store based in Bath, her team caters to the aesthetic needs of each client. Brett’s design process takes a classical approach combined with practicality. The goal is to shape each space to today’s lifestyle without resorting to exaggeration and exaggeration.

Dining room by one of Maine's top interior designers - Brett Johnson

WHAT WE LOVE: Brett’s healthy interior demonstrates beauty in the principle of function following form.

Tracy A. Davis

A famous interior decorator in Portland Maine - Tracy A Davis

By Tracy A. Davis at the helm, Urban Dwellings has become one of the best interior design firms in Portland, Maine. His signature style combines style and function to reflect the client’s intimate relationship with their home. As an avid traveler and explorer, Tracy is constantly discovering new eclectic inspirations around the world. He has also been an active ASID member for over 15 years!

Renowned Maine interior designer, Tracy A. Davis

WHAT WE LOVE: Tracy’s boutique stores provide beautiful elements for homes around Maine and beyond.

Bronwyn Huffard

One of the top interior designers near me - Bronwyn Huffard

Bronwyn Huffard likes to combine time-honored classic and contemporary designs to create attractive spaces. He also finds it fulfilling to help others bring their vision for a beautiful life into reality. As the leader of Maine’s all-female team of interior designers, Bronwyn provides expertise and wisdom. In return, he gave a beautiful, very stylish functional space.

Maine's leading interior designer, Bronwyn Huffard

WHAT WE LIKE: Bronwyn has an eye for color and a good sense of lighting.

Emily Ennis Mattei

Maine interior designer Emily Ennis Mattei

As one of Maine’s best interior designers, Emily Ennis Matei state-of-the-art residential and healthcare craft. His portfolio features over a decade of successful projects, stretching from Portland to Boston and out to Nantucket. In her previous career, Emily cultivated a love for the great outdoors, and this admiration is reflected in her designs today. The interior respects the beauty of nature and has an outdoor-interior connection that cannot be missed.

Bathroom by interior decorator in Portland Maine - Emily Enis Mattei

WHAT WE LIKE: A beautiful yet practical home that provides security and comfort.

Abigail Shea

Abigail Shea, Maine interior designer

Abigail Shea creating a unique space that encompasses and reinforces the environment that defines it. Plus, she understands how transformative it is when your home reflects your identity. Abigail also uses natural colors, materials and textures to convey an organic feel. As an interior decorator, she strives to limit environmental impact by sourcing local in Portland, Maine.

Home by interior designer near me - Abigail Shea

WHAT WE LIKE: A home that reflects modern glam design, with layers of earth tones, organic textures and vintage pieces.

Jean Handy

Interior decorator in Portland Maine - Jeanne Handy

Jean Handy passionate about creating delightful spaces that can unlock potential customers. After interning at Maclin Design, Jeanne established a Portland, Maine, interior design firm. Since then, he has helped homeowners and business owners find their dream space. Jeanne’s portfolio includes residential and commercial projects, with clients ranging from homeowners to architects and builders.

Jeanne Handy, Portland Maine interior decorator

WHAT WE LOVE: Jeanne’s signature approach that brings a bit of unique style to an essentially timeless functional space.

Edith Smith

Edith Smith, Maine interior designer

Edith Smith is a renowned interior decorator in Portland, Maine, known for his expertise in both timeless and modern design. No wonder Edith believes in creating evergreen spaces. By building on a classic foundation, he allows for easy changes through subtle touches and accents over time. As a result, the interior is varied but permanent – moreover, it reflects the personality of its occupants!

A bathroom by one of Maine's leading interior designers - Edith Smith

WHAT WE LOVE: Timeless style that exudes warmth and inviting comfort.

Jacqueline McGee

One of Maine's leading interior designers - Jacqueline McGee

One Portland Maine interior design firm has a wider reach than most. Led by Jacqueline McGeecreative team created beautifully branded spaces across America. With over a decade of international experience in architecture and interiors, Jacqueline has been part of extraordinary projects. Among them is a collaboration at the iconic Venetian Hotel! Jacqueline’s skills continue to be honed while developing residence an internet millionaire.

Interior by one of the top interior designers near me - Jacqueline McGee

WHAT WE LOVE: Jaqueline’s eye for fine detail and ability to keep interiors refined and unconventional.

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[Feature image: Tyler Karu]

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