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Every year, we’re all faced with the question of wtf to get the people in our lives for the holiday season. And every year, our minds become empty. But lucky for you, I consider myself a top tier gift giver. So I want to compile a entire series of holiday gift guides to give you help. To get you started, here’s your gift guide to help you figure out what to buy for your creative friend this year.

Creative friends – DIY-ers, artists, fashionistas, whatever they are – can be a lot of fun but also very hard to shop for. Many of them take pride in making things for themselves. Or they have a very curated collection of items. So the trick here is to give them something to help them flex their creative muscles, one of a kind items or tools to reach their full creative potential.

here are all the best ideas to buy your creative friend. guaranteed to please them.

mini house building set

I’m speaking from personal experience here – ie my boyfriend and I just got one of these last year. And if your friends love a good creative challenge, this is it.

Everything from miniature furniture to books to the building itself is made from scratch. The satisfaction of checking off the furniture on your list is next level.

And there are many different ones mini house to be chosen.

Another similar option here is to get it a lego set if that’s more their style.

canvas and paint

The next one is a simple idea, but great for people who have everything. Give your creative friends the tools to make more art themselves!

If you give them some canvases (there are always deals on Amazon and Michaels!) and some acrylic paint, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. And if you want to go all out, get them an easel or a drawing board too!

This is probably the most difficult idea if you are wondering what to buy for your creative friend.

draw and write instant workbook

Sometimes even your most creative friend gets into a creative funk. So give them a little help with these prompt-filled books.

Whether it’s their creative trade of choice write or drawthere are so many different options you can get them to help them stretch their creative muscles.

There are even workbooks specifically for an artist who likes weed. You can literally find anything you need on the internet.

a gift set from a small artist

If your friend is an artist, they’ll probably appreciate the support of another little artist. So check out some of the people they follow or do some digging on Instagram/Etsy yourself. Find an artist that represents the vibe that your friends usually use.

Some of these artists may have gift set packages already prepared for the holidays. If not, you can make your own.

Some good things to include to fit any budget:

  • print
  • stickers
  • Tote bag
  • candle
  • ash tray

coffee table book

We all love a good one coffee table book. But it’s expensive enough that we usually don’t want to buy it ourselves. So that makes it the perfect opportunity for a gift!

Whether they love fashion, interior design, art, architecture or books, there’s a coffee table book for that.

For a meaningful DIY option: make a custom coffee table book for them. If they’re an artist, collect all their best work. Or you can make one of their favorite artist’s works. If you want to go the purely sentimental route, create a book of all your favorite memories with them.

Here is a great website to create your custom book.

skills sharing membership

This is one of my favorite gift ideas of all time, because I know how much I love sharing skills. And it’s not something many people think of as a gift.

If you are not familiar with Skills sharing, it’s basically a huge database of courses to help you learn various skills. And there are many options for learning new creative trades. You only pay one annual fee and have access to the entire catalog of classes.

Personally, I have taken several courses on interior design, some dancing, some giving birth. It’s a fun way to learn a new skill or brush up on something you’re already passionate about.

software subscription

It’s 2021 now, so your creative friends may be in need of some digital tools. Check into their stacks and see if there’s anything they’re missing that could make their lives easier and more creative.

One idea that comes to mind is Procreate. If they have an iPad and love to draw, this one-time purchase of $10 will be the best $10 you’ll ever spend on them.

Another great option is Canva Pro. They do already have a free version, but if you upgrade to Pro for them, their capabilities go through the roof.

If you want to spend a little more, you can also cover their Adobe Creative Suite for a year. Apps like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are two SUPER useful apps for creative people.

This gift may require some skill. You have to check to make sure they haven’t subscribed, and checkout/login can be a bit tricky. So my best tip is to find the annual membership cost and gift it to them on a prepaid Visa gift card, telling them what it’s for. Creative gift giving is always encouraged because visually it will just be a small gift card.

Do you want to splurge with your creative friends?

Listen, if you have the funds, go ahead and treat your creative friend or partner. One thing that I have identified as an amazing creative tool no matter what your trade, is the iPad.

I’m using the sixth iPad in my life. So I know a thing or two about them. My previous 2 iPads were iPaid Pros, but I actually chose the Air this time (transparently, because I wanted the blue color to match all my other Apple products). But the M1 chip is actually an upgrade from my 2019 iPad Air. And I was very surprised by its capabilities.

I use it for drawing in Procreate, recording tiktoks, taking notes on future blog posts, creative floor plans and digital planning. I really wouldn’t be able to be nearly as productive as I am now without these things.

It is quite an expensive price tag, with Pros start at $749 and also iPad Air starting at $569. My suggestion is just to get them an iPad that is compatible with it 2nd generation apple pencil.

Either way, you’ll lose cash. But if you have the means and this person is really special to you, I can guarantee you they will take advantage of it.

I hope this helps you decide what to buy for your creative friends this holiday season!

I’ll be releasing more holiday gift guides in the coming weeks. So keep an eye out for them or subscribe to the blog to be notified when they drop.

Happy shopping, and
keep it comfy, homies

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